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President's Message

Mr. Gary YEUNG, MH
Smart City Consortium

We are a professional organization in Hong Kong founded to promote the building of Smart City. Our members are experts in sectors, such as engineering, technology, surveying, geographic information, urban planning, intelligent transportation, e-education, and e-health. By combining these experts, we aim to provide professional advice to the Government to enable the formulation of relevant policies and measures. 

Smart City is the solution to urban development problems and it is an important element to enhance quality of life for all residents. The Smart City concept covers a wide range of areas, including but not limited to, internet of things, spatial data, electronic authentication, big data, and cloud computing. The implementation of Smart City concepts creates substantial demand for software and hardware devices, representing a significant business opportunity. In recent years Hong Kong's neighbouring countries have been actively promoting Smart Cities. As Asia's world city, Hong Kong must not lag behind. Last year the Government mentioned Smart City development in the Policy Address and the Budget, and allocated resources to undertake the development work. We believe that with Hong Kong's established advantages in information technology and international exchange, we will be able to become a world-class Smart City. 

Rome was not built in a day! To build a Smart City in Hong Kong successfully, the Government needs to join forces with industry, academia, and the research and development sectors; we also need the active participation of the general public. We wish to provide a platform to connect different stakeholders, and contribute our views and opinions on building a Smart City in Hong Kong. Moreover, China is actively pursuing the "Internet Plus" and "Belt and Road" initiatives, the Smart Cities is in full swing across the country. In developments such as this, system planning, key standard formulation and standard application implementation are important features. Therefore, we wish to leverage Hong Kong's international expertise and make a positive contribution to the building of Smart Cities in Mainland China. 

Looking into the future, we will uphold our vision and mission to promote Smart City development in Hong Kong. We will support the development of Hong Kong's knowledge-based economy, and enhance quality of life by increasing global cooperation on the building of Smart Cities as we develop Hong Kong as the world's leading Smart City. I wish everyone will support us actively, let us unite to build a smarter and better Hong Kong!