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SCC IT Volunteers Help To Produce Interactive Map To Trace The Outbreak Of Epidemic
on 21 Feb 2020


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SCC IT Volunteers Help To Produce Interactive Map To Trace The Outbreak Of Epidemic

The COVID-19 is now an international public health emergency with its origin and many characteristics are still unknown. While the scientists worldwide are working very hard to trace the spread, the Smart City Consortium (SCC) has also made prompt response to the novel coronavirus of public health concern. A group of IT volunteers of SCC, jointly with the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau, Development Bureau and the Lands Department, have developed an "Interactive Map Dashboard" allowing members of the public to visualize the latest situation of COVID-19 epidemic in Hong Kong and Mainland China. With the effective dissemination of information, it is hoped that all parties will make good use of data analysis to help assess the situation of the epidemic and make timely prevention and control measures.

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