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【Professional Diploma in Smart City Programme】【「智慧城市專業文憑」課程:2020年8月21日截止報名】

Jointly offered by Smart City Academy (SCA) and IVE Engineering Discipline, the “Professional Diploma in Smart City” aims to provide students with the specific vocational and professional education & training on innovation and technologies, e.g. Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligent for smart city development and improvement. The program is designed using an Outcome-Based Education approach.


Students can learn through real life cases related to transportation, living, environment, people, public services and economy. Sharing from smart city technology experts and related site visits will be arranged.


Deadline of Application: 21 Aug 2020 (Fri)


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For more enquiries: 2435 9423


SCC 成立的智慧城市學院(SCA) 與職業訓練局(VTC)機構成員香港專業教育學院(IVE)去年簽署合作備忘錄,合作開辦「智慧城市專業文憑」課程,今年九月尾開課。


 課程截止報名日期: 2020年8月21日 (星期五)




如有查詢,請致電2435 9423與職業訓練局(VTC)。