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【SME ReachOut】【資助基金網絡互動推廣周 】

With the aim to bolster local SMEs overcome the adversities triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, SME ReachOut operated the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) will launch the first-ever “Fund Fair GO Online” from 23 to 29 April through the “HKPC Live” online platform. These efforts will be essential to the enterprises in keeping abreast to the latest HKSAR Government funding scheme information and application details anytime, anywhere, and at no cost.


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生產力促進局於 4月23、24、27至29日舉辦「 SME ReachOut - 資助基金網絡互動推廣周 」。活動會以網絡研討會形式舉行,屆時將有遙距營商計劃 (D-Biz) ,及其他資助計劃內容,不論你想申請 EMF/ SFGS/ PSTS/ TVP/ PH-TC/ RP-TC 還是 PAG/ BUD/ ReTAAS 都歡迎參加,除網上解答申請疑難外,還有成功申請個案分享,歡迎報名!