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Past Events and Activities
Industry 4.0
on 09 Oct 2018


智慧城市創辦人及榮譽會長鄧淑明博士、聯盟副會長楊文銳先生和黃慧敏小姐出席及支持是次活動。黃慧敏小姐更在第三環節——交通4.0 中擔任座談會主持,促進與會人士交流。

“Industry 4.0 Leadership Summit Hong Kong 2018” was successfully held on 9th October, and SCC was one of the organisers. The Industry 4.0 Leadership Summit brought together the government officials, innovators, and academics from their fields to discuss pressing issues in Industry 4.0 progress.

Dr. Winnie Tang, Founder & Honorary President of Smart City Consortium, Ms Rosana Wong and Mr. Gary Yeung, Vice Presidents of SCC, supported with attendance to this event. Ms Rosana Wong was the Session Chair for Transport 4.0 and facilitated the panel discussion.
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