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Past Events and Activities
瑞銀集團舉辦 「智」選大灣區機遇投資論壇
on 25 Apr 2019

瑞銀集團於4月25日舉辦 「智」選大灣區機遇投資論壇,智慧城市聯盟投資委員會副主席趙敬賢應邀擔任是次論壇的演講嘉賓,就多項國際議題及粵港澳大灣區之發展方向,以及未來投資形勢的影響發表意見。

UBS held the "China Outlook and Smart Cities in Greater Bay Area" forum on April 25th. Mr. Leo Chiu, Vice president of Investment Committee of SCC, was invited as a guest speaker to share his insights on international issues, the development of Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, as well as the impact of future investment.
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