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Past Events and Activities
on 13 Apr 2019

智慧城市聯盟獲創新科技署資助,於4月13至16日在國際資訊科技博覽2019設立展區,並於開幕當天舉辦「新時代的信息安全和物聯網的應用」論壇。聯盟副會長曾劍鋒博士工程師、聯盟資訊科技管理委員會主席龐博文先生、通天地智能產品(TTD品牌)營運總監陳靖文女士、聯盟研究及藍圖委員會主席秦仲宇先生和Remotec與Tantiv4聯合創辦人兼首席總監Kishore Moturi先生,於論壇上與大家分享物聯網的最新應用及發展。

Funded by the Innovation and Technology Commission, SCC launched a Smart City Pavilion in the International ICT Expo 2019 during 13th to 16th April. On the opening day, SCC held a seminar on “Next-Gen Information Security & IoT Applications”. Ir. Dr. K F Tsang, Vice President of SCC, Mr. Ronald Pong, Chairman of IT Governance Committee of SCC, Ms. Kisuyi Chan, Chief Operating Officer of Tong Tin Dei Group Limited, Mr. Daniel Chun, Chairman of Research & Blueprint Committee of SCC, and Mr. Kishore Moturi, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Tantiv4 Inc. shared with audience the latest IoT applications and development.
SCC 智慧城市聯盟 ICTExpo2019 #國際資訊科技博覽2019