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Past Events and Activities
智慧城市遊樂園 - 「物聯網 (Internet of Things)之簡介及應用」
on 22 Aug 2019

智慧城市聯盟副會長曾劍鋒博士於8月22日傍晚在「智慧城市遊樂園」的專題研討會上,介紹「物聯網 (Internet of Things)之簡介及應用」,吸引了傳播界及教育界人士出席。

有參加者表示, 物聯網是熱門話題,但過往認識不多,今次研討會有助他們增長這方面的認識,有利日後與客戶溝通。

Ir. Dr. KF Tsang, Vice President of SCC, gave an introduction of the “Basics and Applications of the Internet of Things” on Aug 22 evening at the “Smartizien Park”. The talk attracted participants from the communication and education sectors.

One of the participants said, "IoT is a popular topic, but I had little understanding in the past. This seminar has widened my vision and understanding of the IoT aspect. As a result, I have much stronger communication skills and business visions in my IoT experience with customers in the future.