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on 17 Jul 2019





智慧城市聯盟創辦人及榮譽會長葛珮帆議員首先發表歡迎辭。各界代表包括香港特別行政區助理政府資訊科技總監 (產業發展) 黃志光先生及法國駐港澳總領事館及商界多位代表,聯同智慧城市聯盟創辦人及榮譽會長鄧淑明博士、副會長黃慧敏女士、副會長曾劍鋒博士、智慧出行委員會主席蘇洪德先生及一眾業界專家舉行主題演講及圓桌會議,內容涵括智慧城市建設、空間數據基礎建設以及移動行業的創新研發等議題。




The “Smart Mobility and Smart Living Conference” was jointly organized at Cyberport by Consulate General of France, SCC and Cyberport on July 17. Mr. Nicholas YANG, JP, Secretary for Innovation and Technology Bureau, delivered the Opening Remarks and experts from France and Hong Kong shared their visions and discussions.


One of the highlights in the “Smart Mobility and Smart Living Conference” was the “Partnership MoU Signing Ceremony” co-signed by SCC, MEDEF Task Force Sustainable Development and French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong(FCCIHK). Under the witness of Mr. Alexandre Giorgini (CGF), Mr. Nicholas Yang, JP, Secretary for ITB, and Hon Elizabeth Quat, BBS, JP, Founder and Honorary President of SCC, Mr. Gary Yeung, MH, Chairman of SCC, Mrs. Rebecca Silli, Chairman of FCCIHK, and Mrs. Agnes Romatet Espagne, Vice President of Task force sustainable city of MEDEF, signed the Partnership of MoU altogether. This MoU ceremony witnessed the 35th MoU signing of SCC since its founding. SCC looks forward to having successive fruitful collaboration in the near future.


The exhilarating program started with the insightful welcome speech from Hon. Elizabeth Quat, BBS, JP, Founder and Honorary President of SCC. Three panels, namely "Smart City Vision (SC)”, “Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)” and “Innovation in mobility (IM)”, were then conducted. In line with the panels, numerous keynote speeches were also presented. Experts from France and Hong Kong then entered into broad and deep discussions. Experts from SCC included Founder and Honorary President Dr. Winnie Tang, JP, (keynote speech, SPI), Vice President Ms. Rosana Wong (panelist in SC), Vice President Dr. KF Tsang (Moderator in SDI) and Chairman of Smart Mobility Committee Mr. Charles So, (Moderator in IM). The panels were joined by specialists including Mr. Tony Wong, JP, Assistant Government Chief Information Officer, OGCIO, Mrs. Agnes Romatet Espagne, Vice President of Task force sustainable city of MEDEF & Director international SNCF, and Mr. Armand Albergel, Aria Technologies, Deputy General Director.


Thanks to the quality contribution from experts and honourable guests, the conference was brought to a resounding success with full occupancy and reputation. Such cooperation between Hong Kong and France will certainly facilitate Hong Kong to be elevated to the next height of smart city development!