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Past Events and Activities
Women in Finance Asia(WiFA)
智慧城市聯盟創辦人及榮譽會長鄧淑明博士於2月22日代表聯盟出席Women in Finance Asia(WiFA) 年度前瞻大會,並擔任專題演講講者。她與會眾分享對建構智慧城市的願景和期望,互相交流意見。 Dr. Winnie Tang, Founder and Honorary President of SCC, attended WiFA Annual Outlook 2019 on 21st February. During her keynote speech session, she shared her vision and expectations for constructing a Smart City, and exchanged ideas with...
Journey of Hong Kong towards a Smart City
智慧城市聯盟創辦人及榮譽會長鄧淑明博士於1月28日受邀到香港大學計算機科學系擔任講者,並分享香港邁向智慧城市的發展進程。Dr. Winnie Tang, Founder and Honorary President of SCC, presented a visionary talk to the Department of Computer Science of the University of Hong Kong on: "Journey of Hong Kong towards a Smart City" on 28th January.#SCC #HKU #CS #智慧城市聯盟 #香港大學
The Connected Cities Conference
由畢馬威會計師行舉辦的The Connected Cities...
Smartcity: How Big Data Reinvent Hong Kong Future Conference
Alibaba Cloud Summit (Infinity 2019)
SMARTCITY Business Linkage Conference
智慧城市聯盟聯同多間合作機構於1月15日舉辦了Smart City Business Linkage。活動中邀請不少致力於智慧科技發展的美國公司,在研討會上分享業內經驗。 智慧城市聯盟創辦人及榮譽會長鄧淑明博士發表開場致詞,而秦仲宇先生與曾劍鋒博士在研討會期間分別擔任主持和講者,一同討論如何應用物聯網及網絡安全,以降低智慧城市發展的風險。 Together with other cooperation units, Smart...
The GREAT Smart Cities Connect Conference 2019 – The Greater Bay Area
The GREAT Smart Cities Connect Conference 2019 – The Greater Bay...
Smart @Hong Kong: Our Smart City Journey Conference
香港生產力促進局與香港科技園公司於一月十日舉辦「智慧香港:我們的智慧城市研討會」,智慧城市聯盟為活動協辦單位之一。智慧城市聯盟創辦人及榮譽會長鄧淑明博士代表聯盟參加開幕式。研討會展示了嶄新的智慧城市發展計劃,呈現各項有助提升市民生活質素的創新應用方案。The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) jointly with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) as...
Hong Kong Police Force Traffic Branch (Headquarters) Visit
智慧城市聯盟與香港警務處交通總部就最近智慧城市應用進行會面,討論有關交通和應急管理與相關數據分析,以提高警方內部不同單位的運作和效率。 SCC visited the Hong Kong Police Force Traffic Branch (Headquarters) recently. In the meeting, smart city applications were discussed. In particular, ways to enhance the emergency management, operations and efficiency using data analytics for numerous police units were...
香港貿發局和山東省工業和信息化廳見證下,智慧城市聯盟伙香港中華廠商聯合會和翹晉電子商務有限公司與山東合作方代表,簽署「推進魯港非面對面電子合同合作備忘錄」,共同推動跨境金融互聯互通發展。Under the witness of HKTDC and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong, Smart City Consortium, The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong and Certizen Limited signed a MoU with...