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Under the rapid technological development and the continuous expansion of Internet applications, traditional industries are bombarded by a wave of unprecedent technological shocks. Innovation has become an indispensable part of the economy and the daily life. Developing expertise for innovation and technology become an important element for the sustainable development of smart cities.


Smart City Academy (SCA), established in 2018, is a non-profit organisation, and a subsidiary of the Smart City Consortium. We have the great honor to invite the senior educator -  Mr Ma Siu Leung as SCA Honorary Principle and the Vice President of SCC - Ir Wilson Kwok as the Executive Director of SCA.


The objective of SCA, in support of Smart City Consortium’s mission, is to promote education and public awareness of smart cities development and technologies. More importantly, how Hong Kong can improve its sustainability and competitiveness through the adoption of smart technologies and more effective resource management within our community. We do this by jointly developing and conducting various smart cities courses and workshops with our local educational institution partners.


Our goal is to develop a series of smart cities programs that target for different audience groups including secondary and tertiary students as well as working executives.