Jason Ngan

Chairman of Investment Committee

Chairman of Smart Healthcare SIG 


Current Position and Responsibilities


Mr. Jason NGAN is the Chairman of Investment Committee and Smart Healthcare SIG of SCC, Director at Intercel Group Limited and CEO & co-founder of Aiiiland, a global HealthTech intelligent platform for accelerating life science. He has over 20 years of experience in leading the development of ICT technology to drive for commercial deployment in the sectors of effective intervention strategy, patient safety, proactive sensing, predictive learning and preventive training for community care and ageing in place.


Jason has extensive practical experience in the areas of application and integration of eHealth record, digital rehabilitation, patient behavioral tracking, non-invasive biomedical sensor, IoT signaling and machine learning protocol. He has been appointed to implement a number of eHealth and life science related projects for hospital, nursing home and long-term care facility, and has led the internal development of many innovative products and services, including Smart Elderly Alert & Alarm system for Singapore Housing Development Board, Hong Kong Housing Society and Hong Kong Housing Authority, Patient Fall Management system, Baby Tracking system and Anti-wandering system for Alzheimer’s that have been qualified and adopted by Hong Kong Hospital Authority, British Healthcare Trade Association, Irish Health Trade Association, German Nurse Association and US Food and Drug Administration.


Other Information


Jason holds a BS degree in Electronic Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Master of Business Administration from the City University of Hong Kong. He has over twenty years of both commercial and technological experience roles with various global enterprises. Prior to Intercel Group, Jason has spent years with various multinationals including Rondish, Sierra Wireless, Hutchison Telecoms and VTech. Jason is a guest lecturer and external assessor of the Division of Biomedical Engineering of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, member of the Hong Kong Association of Gerontology, Hong Kong Medical & Healthcare Device Industries Association and Hong Kong Security Association.