The Smart City Consortium Inauguration Ceremony

Hong Kong, 15 March 2016 – Today, the Smart City Consortium Inauguration Ceremony (the "Ceremony") was successfully held at The Excelsior Hong Kong.


Over 200 guests from government departments, academia, IT and Smart City sectors attended the Ceremony and witnessed the historic moment. It is our honour to have the Guests of Honour officiated at the Ceremony, including Dr. David Chung, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology; Mr. Eric Ma, JP, Under Secretary for Development; Ir. Allen Yeung, Government Chief Information Officer and Mr. Yang Cheng Wei, Deputy Director-General, Department of Youth Affairs, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR.


In the welcome speech, Mr. Eric Yeung, Convener of Smart City Consortium (SCC) expressed that he was honored to be recommended by the Founding Board as the Convener of Smart City Consortium. "SCC is a professional organization in Hong Kong to promote building of smart city; it is a platform that pulls the experts and stakeholders together to provide their professional advice to the Government for formulation of smart city policies and measures. With the active pursuit of Internet Plus and Belt and Road initiatives in Mainland China, building of smart cities across the country is in full swing," said Eric. "In such development process, system planning, key standard formulation and standard application implementation are most important. Therefore, I wish we could leverage Hong Kong's international expertise and make positive contribution to the building of smart cities in Mainland China."


Dr. David Chung, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology mentioned in his keynote speech that he was pleased to witness the establishment of Smart City Consortium. "In this year's Policy Address and the Budget, Hong Kong Government has mentioned substantially the policies and measures related to building smart city, with an aim to build a convenient and safe city. Technology development not only relies on R&D professionals, but also participation of all stakeholders in the society. Therefore, the Government will join forces with the industry, academia, research and development sectors to build a smart city in Hong Kong." Dr. Chung said. Another officiating guest, Ir. Allen Yeung, Government Information Officer, expressed that in the journey of building smart city, there was no final destination. Yeung said, "We need participation of the general public to formulate a blueprint of smart city development. SCC could act as the platform for connecting different stakeholders, pulling the experts together to contribute their views and opinions to the Government for building smart city in Hong Kong, making Hong Kong a livable city."


A simple and solemn Inauguration Ceremony was officiated by the Guests of Honour together with Mr. Eric Yeung, followed by a luncheon. Huawei International Co., Ltd, sponsor of the Ceremony was invited to share their experience in building smart cities in the Mainland. Everyone has high expectations on SCC, they believe that SCC will make a positive contribution to the building of smart city in Hong Kong.