Hong Kong Electronics Symposium 2017 “Future City = Smart City?”

Organized by the Electronics Division of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) with SCC as the supporting organization.


The theme of the Symposium was “Future Cities = Smart Cities?”. The topics covered smart living, smart transportation, application of augmented reality, etc. SCC’s Chair of Research & Blueprint SIG, Mr. Daniel Chun presented a keynote speech on smart city development in Hong Kong.


An award presentation ceremony was also held at the Hong Kong Electronics Symposium 2017. 


The theme of Hong Kong Electronics Project Competition 2017 (HKEC2017) this year was “Intelligent Technology Innovations for Smart Cities”. The purpose of the Competition was to uplift the awareness and knowledge of IoT technologies in Hong Kong, as well as to nurture engineers and students to effectively use and apply innovative IoT technologies to enhance the quality of life.