Smart City Consortium Signs MOU with IngDan To Promote Innovative Technology for Better Living in Future


Hong Kong, 21 June 2016 – Smart City Consortium (SCC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with China's largest one-stop intelligent hardware innovation business platform – IngDan. Under the witness of Mr. Nicholas Yang, Secretary for Innovation and Technology and Dr. David Chung, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Mr. Eric Yeung, Convener of Smart City Consortium and Ms. Wang Wei, General Manager of IngDan Hong Kong formally signed the MOU. The signing of the MOU marked a new chapter of the two parties’ cooperation in the innovative technology.


The scope of Smart City is very broad, it involves smart mobility, smart security, smart energy, smart environmental technology, smart information and communication technology infrastructure, etc. They all relate to IoT (Internet of Things) intelligent hardware, and thus, the alliance of SCC and IngDan is a result of such relations. Currently, IngDan attracted more than 10,000 intelligent hardware companies, 80% of them come from China, while 20% are innovative start-ups from around the world, bringing together over 12,000 projects, more than 8,000 supply chain manufacturers and over 8 million fans. IngDan adopts the "shared economy" business model, it consolidates and matches the huge resources of Chinese manufacturing supply chain, promotes IoT intelligent hardware manufacturing, and contributes to the building of smart city, achieving a better living in our future.


Mr. Eric Yeung, Convener of Smart City Consortium said, "We are pleased to sign the MOU with IngDan, it is our goal to build Hong Kong as a smart city. As a platform, we hope to bring together different opinions and exchange experiences among various stakeholders in the society. IngDan is an innovative platform that plays a key role in supporting start-ups to develop IoT (internet of things) intelligent hardware, we have the same goal in building a smart city; this is definitely a win-win cooperation."


Ms. Wang Wei, General Manager of IngDan Hong Kong said, "We are glad to sign the MOU with Smart City Consortium in Hong Kong. Together, we build Hong Kong as a smart city. The five intelligent hardware ecosystem strategies undertaken by IngDan follow closely the IoT development trend, including smart cities, robots, e-health, new materials and smart automobiles. They are important elements in our construction of a smart city. Through the signing of the MOU, we hope to strengthen the exchange between SCC and IngDan, and to exhibit our respective advantages so as to enjoy mutual benefits, while pushing the society to move forward."


The content of the MOU includes but not limited to: SCC Members can enjoy the IngDan services and access to the latest hardware innovation information, supply chain knowledge, supply chain demand matching and marketing services, etc. SCC Members can exhibit their products in the IngDan Experience Centre in China, Hong Kong and the United States. They can book the meeting rooms and event venues of the Experience Centre. Besides, they can participate in the IngDan “Start-up Activity” around the world, so that more clients know about their brand.


About IngDan


IngDan was established in September 2013, it is a subsidiary of Cogobuy (HKEx stock code: 400). IngDan focuses on hardware innovation of O2O platform, its core business is "supply chain"; it is China’s largest one-stop hardware platform for innovation and start-ups. IngDan has set up IngDan Experience Center which open to public free of charge in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shunde, and Hong Kong, providing a multi-functional exchange platform to the public, while displaying innovative intelligent hardware projects, supporting young entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams. In view of the impressive response, IngDan plans to set up overseas Experience Hall in Japan, South Korea, the US Silicon Valley and Israel.


About Smart City Consortium


Smart City Consortium (SCC) is formed by a group of professionals from different corporations and organizations to provide opinions and suggestions to the Government for formulating related policies and standards in the development of Hong Kong as a world-class smart city. We encourage worldwide collaboration with different stakeholders to create the right ecosystem which fosters innovation and sustainable economic growth for Hong Kong.




香港智慧城市聯盟與硬蛋簽署合作協議 共同推動創新科技以實現美好生活的未來








硬蛋平台成立於 2013 年 9月,是科通芯城(香港聯合交易所股份編號: 400)旗下一個專注於硬件創新領域的 O2O 平台,硬蛋以「供應鏈」為業務核心,是中國目前最大的一站式硬件創新創業平台。硬蛋已先後在北京、深圳、順德、香港開設體驗館,免費開放予公眾參觀,提供多功能的交流平台,向公眾展示具創意的智能硬件項目,這亦有助扶持年青人創業,讓他們實現創業夢想。有見成效,硬蛋計劃到海外如日本、南韓、美國矽谷和以色列等開設體驗館。

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