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Indexing Standard and Deployment Guideline for IoT Property Technologies in Hong Kong

PropTech Introduction

The purpose of this project is to provide voluntary recommendations for improving how securable the IoT devices they make are. This means the IoT devices offer device cybersecurity capabilities – cybersecurity features or functions the devices provide through their own technical means (eg device hardware, firmware and software) – that device customers, both organizations and individuals, need to secure them within their systems and environments.

IoT device manufactures will learn how they can help IoT device customers with cybersecurity risk management by carefully considering which device cybersecurity capabilities to design into their devices for customers to use in managing their cybersecurity risk.

The project is intended to address a wide range of IoT devices, the IoT in devices in scope for this project have at least one transducer (sensor or actuator) for interacting directly with the physical world and at least one network interface (eg Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Long-Term Evolution (LTE), Zigbee, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) for interfacing with the digital world. The IoT devices in scope for this project can function on their own and are not only able to function when acting as a component of another devices, such as processor. Some IoT devices may be dependent on specific other devices (eg Hub) or system (eg Cloud) for some functionality. Also, no IoT devices operates in isolation. IoT devices will be used in systems and environments with many other devices and components, some of which may be IoT devices, while other may conventional IT equipment. All parts of the IoT ecosystem other than the IoT devices themselves are outside the scope of the project.

Please see Indexing Standard And Development Guideline for IoT Property Technologies in Hong Kong proposal here.