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ASTRI Technovation Summit 2019

配合政府就智慧城市的未來發展,SCC現正就智慧城市的未來發展「香港智慧城市藍圖2.0」撰寫建議書,除諮詢SCC 會員及MOU (合作備忘錄) 海外及本地簽署夥伴的意見外,並於2019年12月12日舉行討論會,就「智慧出行」、「智慧生活」、「智慧環境」、「智慧市民」、「智慧政府」及「智慧經濟」六個主要範疇收集業界、專家及學者的意見。
SCC智慧城市藍圖2.0 建議書將於二月向政府提交。香港智慧城市聯盟研究及藍圖委員會主席秦仲宇先生領導有關工作,香港總商會及香港理工大學賽馬會社會創新設計院為合作機構。
Preparation for an advisory paper on Smart City Blueprint 2.0 is underway, led by Mr Daniel Chun, Chairman of SCC Research and Blueprint Committee. SCC ‘s Members and MOU partners in Hong Kong and overseas had been asked to share their views and insights.
A brainstorming meeting, titled “Smart City Roundtable – Blueprint 2.0” was held on December 12 afternoon, with Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce as strategic partners. Experts and stakeholders were invited to share their opinions and advice on the six major areas in smart city development.
Any policy recommendations, ideas and solutions raised in the course of these discussions would be elaborated into an advisory paper for submission to the Government’s Smart City Blueprint 2.0.