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Project Background

Funded by Recycling Fund, “Smart Recycling Fleet Routing And Weighing System Scheme” Project attempts to optimize routes for collection and transportation of Hong Kong’s municipal solid waste and facilitate collectors’ billing with clients. Initially all ancillary data will be collected from pilot cases. Using GPS, all waste collection point locations in Hong Kong are collected and the data will be analyzed and converted into report.

The roads are digitized from the road network map of the municipal corporation.

Taking capacity of solid waste carrying vehicle into consideration, the routes are optimised for each trip of vehicle and total distance to be travelled is calculated for each trip. Finally the operation cost is compared for solid waste disposal using this proposed route optimization trial.

From the analysis and results, the Geo-informatics technique will able to give better accuracy for route optimization and can be used as a decision support tool by waste collectors for efficient management of the daily operations for transporting solid wastes, load balancing within vehicles, managing fuel consumption and generating work schedules for the workers and vehicles for overall cost minimization.

Routine Optimization System (The “System”) with Route Optimization Trial and Smart Weighing Trial will be designed and established for the design and implementation of a solution for the solid waste collection and transport is proposed so that saving in the overall cost can be achieved.

In order to facilitate and ensure the project can be implemented in a professional manner, we will appoint Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) as an Implementation Agency to implement and manage the project. As HKQAA is experienced in funding projects management and implementation as well as familiar with strong network in Recycling industry and the related parties as well as strong knowledge in waste collection.

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