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1. What is the background to the formation of Smart City Consortium (SCC)?

According to the 2016 Policy Address, the Innovation & Technology Bureau (ITB) will study the development of a "Smart City" in collaboration with research institutions, public and private organizations, ITB will then formulate a digital framework and standards for the development of a "Smart City". In view of this, Smart City Consortium (SCC) was set up as an initiative by industry leaders and professional bodies to offer expert advice and to assist the Government to build a Smart City in Hong Kong.

2. What does SCC do?

SCC was founded to promote Hong Kong as the world's leading Smart City. We provide expert advice and suggestions for the development of Smart City in Hong Kong. 
Our objectives are:

●   Assist the Government in building Hong Kong as the leading Smart City in the region;
●   Advise the Government on formulating policies and standards related to Smart City development;
●   Provide a platform for the Government, technology partners, academia and commercial organizations to collaborate and exchange ideas of Smart City issues;
●   Conduct Smart City related policy research;
●   Promote public awareness and adoption of Smart City technologies;
●   Connect with international Smart City advocacy groups and organizations to facilitate communication and information exchange.
3. What is the organization structure of SCC?

For more information, please click HERE.

4. What are the benefits of being SCC Members?

There are 5 types of Membership:

1. Founding Member
2. Honorary Member
3. Corporate Member (Company)
- Annual membership 
- 3-year membership 
- Lifetime membership 
4. Corporate Member (NGO)
5. Individual Member

Members can enjoy benefits such as free tickets or early bird discount for SCC and related events, tours, access to member newsletter and updates, reports, papers and articles related to Smart City, etc. The designated representative of Corporate Member is eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Smart City Consortium Ltd.

5. How can I or my organization become SCC Member?

You can download the Membership Application Form by clicking HERE. Or you can submit an Online Application.

6. How can I share or contribute my views and articles about Smart City?

We have a member's corner for industry professionals to share articles and papers. Feel free to submit your articles and papers to once you have become an SCC member. Click HERE to become a member. Our editorial team will review all materials submitted before posting on the SCC website.

7. How can I contact SCC?

Our contact details:
Address: Room 605, Tuspark, 118 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : +852 3480 4230
Fax : +852 3020 8812
Email :
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