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     Dr. Daniel CHUN

    Vice President /

    Chairman of Research and Blueprint Committee



    Dr. Daniel Chun is a full-time faculty member at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies where he teaches a Deep tech start-up course and a smart city elective course. Prior to this academic role, he held various leadership positions in the industry. As an entrepreneur himself, he has co-founded, invested and supported various technology start-ups.


    Daniel is an active volunteer at the Smart City Consortium (SCC) since 2016 as Chairman for the Research & Blueprint Committee. Additionally, he serves as the Vice President for SCC and as Executive Director for Smart City Academy, which is an affiliated training arm of SCC. In 2016, 2020 and 2022 respectively, Daniel help published a series of advisory reports for smart city blueprint in Hong Kong on behalf of SCC. Daniel is a member of the Advisory Committee for Electronics and Electrical Appliance at HKTDC and the current President at The Entrepreneurs’ Network. He currently blogs at where he advocates entrepreneurship education and had been developing an entrepreneur educational framework called SKIN.


    In 1990, Daniel began his career as a programmer at Hutchison Mobile Data, where he played a key role in launching Hong Kong's first mobile application and CompuServe HK. After his tenure with Hutchison, he transitioned into business development in the telecom sector in the Asia-Pacific region – in projects such as Wharf New T&T, Taiwan Mobile and Iridium. During the dotcom boom, he served as a resident-entrepreneur at a venture capital fund based in Malta. Following the events of 9/11, he immigrated to Canada and started his own brick-and-mortar toy store, which he sold in 2008. Subsequently, he joined a Canadian toy manufacturer and focused on invention, licensing, and product innovations.

    Daniel is a Chartered Engineer and a practitioner of Blue Ocean Strategy. With several patented inventions to his name. He has completed his PhD viva voce at the Universiti Sains Malaysia, where his research focuses on leadership in smart cities. He also holds a MRes degree in EdTech from Lancaster University, a MBA from Sunderland University, a MSc degree in IT from Charles Sturt University, and a BSc in Computer Science from Deakin University. Daniel had published widely in leadership and technology journals and is a reviewer at International Journal of Organizational Analysis (IJOA).