Contact info: (852) 3480 4230,

     Ir. Dr. K F TSANG

      Associate Professor and Director of
      Wireless Sustainability Center,
      Department of Electronic
      Engineering, City University of Hong



    Ir Dr Tsang Kim-Fung, PhD, CEng, FHKIE, SMIEEE



    Dr. Tsang specializes in IoT and related AI and smart applications. He was awarded the Internet of Things Heros Award by GS1 IoT Council in 2016. He serves the community in numerous capacities. KF is the VP, Chairman of IoT Committee and the Editor of SmartVision, Smart City Consortium. He is also the President of Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance, Honorary Advisor Committee; Honorary President of the Connected Cities Alliance; Past Chairman of HKIE Electronics Division, Council member of HKIE; Ad Hoc Technical Committee, Smart Lamppost, OGCIO; committee member SSAC, OFCA. KF is also a faculty member in City University of Hong Kong.